Toll Manufacturing

Paint MixingIf you are a coatings manufacturer and are overcapacity, or have products that disrupt your production efficiencies, or products that are difficult to handle, think about AR Monteith.

Or if you have a technology that you want to market but don’t have the resources to manufacture the product, we can do that for you.

Do you need help formulating a specific coatings, call us, our trained staff are adept at finding solutions to technical issues regarding application, adhesion, durability, dry rates, etc.

We are also more than willing to produce our products under a private label agreement for paint suppliers who want to expand their product lines.

AR Monteith has a fully staffed and equipped laboratory for working on product development and quality control.

We can manufacture small batches, up to 500 gallons. We have equipment to produce solvent borne and water borne products, and currently manufacture the following chemistries:

Architectural Coatings:

  1. Epoxies
  2. High build glazes
  3. Stuccos
  4. Exterior masonry
  5. Concrete floor sealers (water and solvent)
  6. Wall sealers
  7. Textured coatings

Industrial Coatings:

  1. Alkyd enamels
  2. Polyesters
  3. Acrylics
  4. 2K epoxies
  5. Latex
  6. Clear coats
  7. Wood coatings and stains (solvent and water)
  8. Vinyl coatings
  9. 2K urethanes

AR Monteith can also provide mixing milling services for your finished paint needs, our equipment includes a number of high speed mixers and numerous milling systems to meet your particular needs.