Textured Coating

SURFA-TEX is a textured, water based acrylic wall and ceiling coating for exterior or interior use. It is durable, hard and available in a wide range of textures and colours.

SURFA-TEX is recommended for all exposed concrete, drywall walls, soffits, beams, columns and ceilings:

Industrial, Commercial and Residential

Hotels, Apartments, Condominiums, Shopping Malls, Big Box Stores, Parking Garages and Houses

SURFA-TEX has the following qualities:

  • Impact resistant, takes abuses, does not powder when touched.
  • Excellent adhesion to most construction products
  • Fully pigmented throughout
  • Weather resistant, excellent for exterior use
  • Breathes, allows interior vapour to escape.
  • Decorative, adds a new dimension of beauty and life.
  • Hides minor surface imperfections
  • Low maintenance and long life