OEM + Consulting Services at A.R.Monteith

Monteith creates, engineers and manufactures world leading inks and printing fluids for our global OEM partners.  Our team also provides technical consulting services in manufacturing digital ink products - with particular expertise in the integration of Dominion Colour Corporation pigments in technical imaging applications.


consulting OEM ink-train technology From project conception, through specification and manufacturing we work closely with our clients to ensure that they achieve the highest quality and most consistent printing performance.  Our extensive experience of print head and ink-train technology enables us to create perfectly tuned inks for the most complex system and substrate combinations.

Integral to our success as an ink manufacturer are our relationships with Dominion Colour Corporation and our other key suppliers.  The quality of pigments, dispersions and other components directly impacts on the inks performance in both the printer and on the substrate.  Our close involvement with DCC has allowed us to jointly create unique formulations for our clients that overcome inherent problems with the inkjet printing process.

Our flexible manufacturing capability enables us to produce the highest grade products quickly and efficiently, enabling rapid pilot or full scale production of your products to order.  This key Monteith advantage helps reduce your inventory costs, improve your customer service levels and it is an ideal model for the ever-changing digital printer market place.

Confidentiality and commercial sensitivity is a vital component of our business; we do not discuss our clients or their projects.  It is for this reason we are trusted to deliver on our clients' promises and have maintained strong relationships in both the developed and developing markets for almost fifty years.  Our industry relationships and ink technology have also allowed us to facilitate innovative partnerships across hardware and materials manufacturers providing end-users with durable warranted imaging solutions.

If you need a solvent, water or UV based ink for your system our OEM team have the experience to deliver it to your exact requirements on time, on budget and in complete confidence.