About A.R.Monteith Digital Ink Division

In 1959, Arthur R.Monteith established a company to engineer and manufacture specialist industrial coatings - A.R.Monteith Inc. Incorporated.  The company grew steadily on the strong foundations of it's innovative formulations, flexible manufacturing capabilities and a willingness to experiment in new and developing markets.

During the mid 1990's the company decided to create products for the fledging digital printing industry (inks based on airbrush print head technology) and placed significant resources into researching and engineering ink technology for some of the industry's leading printer and print head hardware manufacturers. 

This investment produced a range of printer, substrate and application specific inks for increasingly demanding and diverse markets such as posters & billboards, outdoor backlit billboards and durable vehicle graphics.

The experience and knowledge gained in working within the highly specialised inkjet print head and ink-train environment has enabled Monteith to formulate highly productive ink systems for some of the World's finest and most recognisable printers, which include: Vutek, NUR, Ghandi, DGI, Seiko, Mutoh, HP and Mimaki.  Our ink systems are continually reviewed and reformulated to track the ever-changing hardware specifications and to ensure optimal performance for real-life production environments.

During 2005, Monteith was acquired by Dominion Colour Corporation, an internationally respected manufacturer of pigments. This strategic acquisition was designed to bring Monteith the benefits of access to DCC high performance pigments, to create an environment for future integrated dispersions/coatings/ink/pigment development and to provide obvious advantages in the value chain, including; in sales & marketing, finance, logistics, and infrastructure.

Monteith's portfolio of clients, and distribution partners is now truly international and covers the World's major developed and developing markets.  And, as the digital printing industry begins to mature, our focus is on creating advantage adding value for our customers through increased ink system performance and compatibility.

We are passionate about the ink systems we create, our customers around the world rely on our abilities, perseverance and Canadian diligence to deliver on their promises of quality. Our ink systems are complex formulations designed to operate efficiently in the World's finest printing systems - they must run flawlessly day after day to producing the crisp, bright and natural colours we are recognised for.

At Monteith, we believe that ink is the pivotal component in any digital printing process, but we also understand that it is often the least valued and most poorly understood of all the imaging components. All inks may all look alike to the untrained eye, but Monteith ink systems are the product of years of experience, thousands of hours of development & testing and our true passion for colour.