A.R.Monteith Coatings Division

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Protective Division

protective coatings AR Monteith has over the years formulated a range of protective top coatings that are designed to enhance graphic long term durability, functionality and appearance. Monteith has a reputation for producing high quality products in a variety of coatings chemistries. While we are best known for our toll manufacturing capabilities, we do produce and market a wide range of products for the industrial and architectural markets. We have a fully staffed and equipped research laboratory with the experienced personnel to tackle technical difficulties found in the field, and the knowledge to reformulate to resolve these issues.
Monteith has a wide range of coating technologies including water and solvent borne wood stains, stucco's, outdoor water base architectural coatings, baking enamels, 2K urethanes, scenic latex, flourescent coatings, solvent and water borne chalkboard paint, amongst others. .

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