About A.R.Monteith Corporation

ARMonteith industrial coatings Dominion Colour Corporation In 1959, Arthur R.Monteith established a company to engineer and manufacture specialized industrial coatings - A.R.Monteith Inc.  The company has grown steadily on the strong foundations of its innovative formulations, flexible manufacturing capabilities and a willingness to experiment in new and developing markets.

During 2005, the business became a subsidiary of Dominion Colour Corporation (the globally respected pigment manufacturer) and assumed its new legal identity, A.R.Monteith Corporation.

Monteith is now a leading manufacturer of specialized industrial coatings, dispersions and digital printing ink systems.  Our passion in developing new products and perfecting manufacturing processes is recognised by our customers Worldwide.  And, our commitment to delivering the highest standards of service, consistency and compatibility has earned us a reputation that we are justly proud of.